Saturday, November 26, 2011


I so didn't realise that I haven't updated this blog in forever.
That's because I have been busy.
Anyway this won't be a long update either.
Just letting you all know that I am save.

Until next year.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

So Far So Good

Things are going well.
This morning I was with Kim, Laurence, Reuben and brother Neil.
Like old times again with Laurence and Reuben.
This weekend will be lots of fun too.
More stories to come.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

I Survived June! Now let's see what's in store in July!

Anyway yes June was such an eventful month for me. Filled with dramas oh yeah. I felt like I was in a roller coaster ride.

But yesterday I went witnessing with this sister in another congregation. I had a good chat with her about certain things and yeah she helped me a great deal.

I can just tell that July will be a better month.

Farewell parties for Jonelle and also movie day/night with Renee.

I will see Lilian again at one of the parties though but Reuben won't be there haha.

More stories to come when/if I can be bothered.

You know what I am like with blogging these days.

This is like my second post of the year and it is like halfway through the year.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Updated At Last

I didn't realise just how neglected and abandoned this blog is.
I am so busy with pioneering as well as all the dramas I've faced with these last six months.
Twenty Ten been such an eventful year for me. A roller coaster kind of year. Mostly on the down side of things but things are on the mend.

One of my best friends is leaving to go to Bethel though. So I am sad about it. I know she is really happy and excited about starting a new life in Bethel but I am sad because she has been such an awesome pioneer partner for me the last eight months.

Also I had a few disagreements and misunderstandings with another one of my pioneer partners. He is a young and single brother and he talked about "proper boundaries" between us. What's that supposed to mean? Most of the time we were put to work together not because we pre arranged it. But we sorted things out now and we are back to being mates again. With my female pioneer partner leaving I am sure to need this one just a little bit more. I just hope he will soon understand why I depend on him just that little bit more.

I need more sisters as pioneer partners. Most of mine has been young single brothers and while I get along with them a lot I felt like there's those "proper boundaries" I need to meet. And that makes it very weird and slightly awkward. True he said that it wasn't awkward at all but trust me it was. But what would he know. He seemed to make his own little rules all the time regarding our friendship. He will be all nice to me and super friendly and then when I make an attempt to be nice back, I get the "proper boundaries" talk. I can't seem to win but hey we sorted things out because I told him exactly how I feel and yeah it seemed to be working.

Anyway that's pretty much the last couple of dramas for the month of June.

I look forward to having a better second half of Twenty Ten.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Those Days

I miss spending time with you on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Indeed those days are gone.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


I had a pretty bad Saturday.
It was a hot day but that wasn't the reason why it turned out to be a bad Saturday.
It was the first Saturday of the month which meant that apartment witnessing is on so yes I decided to go to that.
I went witnessing in the morning and in the afternoon and at 3 pm I turned up at the hall to meet up for apartment witnessing. I arranged to work with Tess so she turned up also our friend Karen. A few more people turned up also this girl I have never seen before. Anyway she seemed nice because she smiled at us so I asked her for her name and which congregation she is in blah blah blah I was actually the only one who made an effort to talk to her. Anyway she arranged to work with my friend Reuben.

So me and Tess did our bit and then we met up with Reuben and Lilian (the girl I never met before then) and so we sat on a park bench and I got talking to Lilian some more. I asked her questions. Apparently she is a regular pioneer and she knows a lot of brothers like Joel, Ryan and Laurence (and obviously Reuben since she arranged to work with him). It turned out that she used to be in the same congregation as my friend so I told her that I know this friend and her family and also this other brother who is now serving in Bethel. Anyway I told her that we should go witnessing together one day and she gave me the dirtiest look (I never knew why).

Anyway after apartment witnessing we head to the cafe. Me, Tess and Karen came a little bit late. Lilian is already sitting next to Laurence and Taryn. Reuben was with the Korean brother Songtaek. So I sat opposite Reuben and Karen sat next to me and yeah so basically I talked mostly with Reuben, Songtaek, Karen and Tess and Lilian talked mostly with Laurence and Taryn. Anyway when I was in a conversation with Reuben (about Watchtower study and Bible Highlights) Lilian looked at us and gave me this big smile and talked to the others which I could tell was about me. Anyway after we left the cafe she walked to Reuben and was all over him and they walked to the car park together. Taryn took me home and then I asked her if she knew why Lilian gave me this big smile and what she said about me. Well apparently Lilian said that I was flirting with Reuben! That made me so mad because I talked to him one on one for about five minutes the rest of the time we were in a group conversation and she was with him for two hours and the walk back to the car park.

Anyway I texted Reuben and told him that apparently I was flirting with him and he told me that I was just being normal. Anyway he was nice about it and we ended up texting each other for a bit. I mean me and Reuben are good friends we used to go out witnessing together a lot before he got a job in Perth. So I felt comfortable with him and I could tell him stuff without feeling awkward.

On Sunday night we ended up playing Pictionary. Lilian wasn't there of course it is not like we are good friends with her. But Reuben, Tess, Karen and Songtaek was there and we had fun. We also played Psychiatrist and Reuben was the Psychiatrist and that was a lot of fun and yes I was just about to forget about what happened with Lilian.

On Monday (yesterday) I got a message from my friend who used to be in the same congregation as Lilian. Basically she told me bad things about Lilian. My friend warned me not to get close with Lilian. Mind you not that I want to be close with Lilian anyway so I talked to my friend on the phone for a bit apparently Lilian has many issues with many people.

Lilian has been a pioneer for like 6 years and I have only been a pioneer for a month and a bit and yeah what a fine example she set for the new pioneer...NOT!

Thanks for listening.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

My First Month

My first month as a regular pioneer is going great. True, I've faced a few challenges here and there but as a whole it has been a great month.

I have so many great friends and lots of pioneer partners.

I have so many things to tell you but I just don't have the time to post all my stories.

Take care.